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Information Automation Consulting

Bottom Line Up Front:
I want to work side-by-side in the trenches with your IT team to quickly make a big impact on the IT of your company, no matter how small or big. This will be the beginning of a strong foundation built with years of experience and PowerShell.  It will be a foundation that promotes automation, creative solutions, and preventive maintenance.  For the right client, the opportunity exists to be an “early adopter” of systems administration endpoint software developed by “DSM Innovations LLC” at a heavily discounted rate (2nd Quarter of 2020).  Early adopters will get special attention which will directly impact your IT processes in a good way!  My specialty is efficient automation of systems information from many endpoints.

I’ve introduced myself to the world.  I’m very thankful and have a crazy story.

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I will hit the ground running.

Here is a specific example

I am very passionate about proactive preventive maintenance.

Read my first article that I published on LinkedIn about Disk Space

My passion for PowerShell and automation has led me down the path of writing about creative solutions to real problems.

Example #1

Example #2

There are plenty of other PowerShell posts that demonstrate my skills, thought process, and how I approach problems.  Most of them are on the forum under Scripting.

I also have a sense of humor!

PowerShell Meme

Feel free to follow me on the following social media platforms.  I post new PowerShell content once per week.  You might find it interesting.

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The rate for my services is $65 USD per hour (non-negotiable).  Please contact DSM Innovations LLC for potential opportunities regarding my services or details about the software.

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References are available upon request.


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