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Direct Link: 11/16/2019Who Is DHB?

Who is DHB?

Hello, I'm DHB!  Actually, I'm Dustin Higgins.  DHB is an inside joke that turned into a very real thing.  Those who know me well will call me that and I will answer, but for now on to what I do …

I lived in the contracting world for 18 years and have dealt with many workstation operating systems such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and currently Windows 10.  I have also dabbled in some Windows Server as well. Back in the day, I was a command line scripter -  “For Loop” through a list of workstations—and suddenly the light bulb went off!   It struck me as just odd when someone said "I didn't know you can do that in a CMD window".  

One day, I had wanted to send an e-mail (from a script I had just written), and a fellow colleague sent me a PowerShell code snippet.  At the time, I certainly did not realize that PowerShell was going to change my life.  Excited about something new, I immediately started scripting in PowerShell. 

At the time, I did not have a development background—only some command line scripting experience. A longtime friend/coworker beat me over the head with the O'Reilly PowerShell Cookbook, 3rd Edition and said that I was not applying an object oriented approach to PowerShell. After objects in PowerShell clicked for me, game freaking on! To this very day, the "ObjTimestamp" property lives in all of the PowerShell custom objects that I build.  I moved on to VB.NET development and then back to PowerShell.   Really understanding .NET and PowerShell makes me feel like I can do anything!  Today when approached with a tough problem, I usually start scripting, parsing, and building objects to tell a story.   Something good always happens!  

After 18 years in the contracting world, it was finally time to pave my own way and be an entrepreneur. There is a CRAZY story in between (Video / Article).  Passion and creativity are what drives me. I take pride in empowering others with creativity to make sense of a world that at times is overwhelmed with information. I am always learning something new and there is always a better way.

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