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Direct Link: 9/26/2019wmic Invalid Switch 44125 Error

Just a little tidbit here.  Not anything new by any means.  Please don't judge my use of wmic.exe instead of using straight PowerShell until I get a chance to explain it.  I've been using wmic.exe for a long time from PowerShell and recently (hard to believe it took this long) ran into this error:

>wmic /node:PC-Name os get name
>Invalid Global Switch.
>echo %errorlevel%

What I didn't realize is that the computer name needs to be enclosed in double quotes because it contains a hypen:

>wmic /node:"PC-Name" os get name

I'm going to write another post soon explaining why I still use wmic and not a 1 liner in PowerShell to get the same data.  For example:

Get-WmiObject -ComputerName PC-Name win32_operatingsystem | select -property Name

Using wmic.exe from PowerShell!  It is a little crazy, however extremely effective.  Stay tuned ...

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